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Hull cleaning is one of the most important preventative maintenance services you can do to extend the life of your boat. This service will provide you with both better fuel efficiency on the water and faster speeds. However, this should only be done by an experienced diver. Our hull cleaning service at Jack's Diving is done properly to avoid any possible damage to the finish or protective coating of your boat. A poor cleaning job will actually do more harm than good. When having your boat's underside inspected, make sure to contact the professionals at Jack's Diving!

Office Hours:
 M-F 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM​

Diving Hours:

7 Days a Week


Alex: Owner/Diver
Lisen: Admin/Billing

PO Box 889

Alameda, CA 94501

About Us


   Jack's Diving is now a small, family run business that has been providing underwater hull cleaning, maintenance, and repair services in the Alameda, California area since 2012.


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Alex served during the

Iraq War as an Army

Ranger prior to

majoring in commercial

diving at Florida's Commercial

Diving Academy. He is certified with the Association of Diving Contractors (ADCE) and has worked on the hulls of commercial cargo ships for 5 years before moving into the private yacht and sailboat industry.



Since 2015, Alex's sister,

Lisen, has worked

behind the scenes as

administrator, billing

coordinator, and dive

manager from her home in

Oregon where she raises her family and oversees business operations of Jack's Diving.

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Our Services


-Hull Cleaning

-Underwater Inspection

-Zinc Replacement

-Prop replacement

-Prop Polishing

-Underwater Repairs